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Lack of funds makes it more difficult for refugee women in Arizona

May 19th

Safed House featured in this @cronkitenewsazpbs story.

Writer Molly Stellino points out the resilience of Rodain Abo Zeed, a participant in Safed House's sharing circle.

Excerpt: Rodain Abo Zeed was the head chef at her family’s restaurant in Daraa, a city in southwestern Syria.
......Now, as a refugee living in Arizona, Abo Zeed has started a new life from scratch, under difficult circumstances and with what little help she’s been able to receive from humanitarian agencies that now are getting fewer federal funds.

Excerpt: comments by Kate Cameron, leadership program manager for Safed House, “I can only imagine that if you live through something really, really horrific, that to be able to sit with someone else who has lived through a similar experience, there’s got to be something that’s binding,” Cameron said. “It’s probably somewhat profound to be with another human being and be in their space and that they can truly understand what you’ve been through.”

Cameron adds some of the stories shared in the circle include stories of war, giving birth under difficult circumstances and experiencing prejudice.......

Abo Zeed attended the previous Sharing Circles, and shared her difficulty journey fleeing Syria, surviving harsh winters living in a tent with two young children, and being robbed of everything she owned. She said telling her story helped her heal and begin her new life.
For more read the full story at the link below.