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My Story

By Baraa Abdelghne

I am a Syrian kid that was born and raised in Syria in a city called Aleppo. I was living the best life ever. My parents were rich they had many stores and homes. I had everything to make me the happiest person on earth and have a successful life. I was always planning for my future and working and studying so hard in my school until the day all my dreams that I was working hard to achieve failed and everything turned the opposite. That day was the day when my older brother (Anas) got shot and that's where my story starts.

Syria was a happy country and many tourists use to come to it and every Syrian was living a good life. However, on a dark stormy night, Syria became one of the scariest places on earth. The war did not start in Aleppo until two years later and hatt day Aleppo was besieged and food could come into Aleppo only by one road and that road was a very dangerous one and there were snipers who shot anybody that crossed it. My family and I were prepared for that and we had enough food for more than seven months but many other people were not so my mom and eldest cousins were planning to get food from that dangerous road and give it to the poor people.

My family agreed that on 07/11/13 we were going to go there and get the food together. My brother (Anas) and I were playing video games and we did not want to go but we had to because mom did not make any food for us and we were hungry, so we went.  We were praying to God all the way there. When we arrived at that dangerous area we were very scared but safely we crossed it. After like more than three hours we finished buying and we had to go back across that road. We planned that my cousins and my brother go back first. They crossed it safely but when they were coming back to us the sniper started shooting all the people. Hundreds of people got shot just right in front of me and my brother was one of them. I saw my brother getting shot in front of me, my cousin saw him he ran to him and carried him and was looking for a car to take him to the nearest hospital. My brother had a new flip flops and bought them just a day before the day he got shot and while cousin was running they fell off. I saw them falling so I ran to them and took them with me to the hospital so my brother can wear them.

I was a young kid and I did not understand the scene in front of me. After my brother went to the emergency room my mom started trying to call my dad or anybody else that can tell my dad what happened but there was no coverage after thousands of tries one of my cousins answered. He told my dad what happened. My father was calm he  couldn't do anything because the road was closed at that time. After six hours of waiting my brother finished his surgery but he wasn't doing well. The next day my father came and brought with him some clothes for us because our clothes were all bloodied after five minutes of finish wearing our clothes the doctors said that they couldn’t help my brother anymore and he needed intensive care in the hospital in Turkey. So my mom and my brother (Anas) went with the ambulance to Turkey and my dad and I followed them with a cab but they passed us because they were going faster than us. So after we entered Turkey we started searching for them after a long time of searching we finally found them. The doctors there told us that we have to go to another city that could take care of my brother better than this one so we traveled there. My brother stayed in the intensive care for 40 days. After that my brother was in pain all the time and he couldn't move his arm.

We started traveling to all the cities that had very good doctors in them.  After one year of searching we saw a doctor that told us that we could go to another country that can help him so we went to the UN and they told us we are going to travel to the USA we were happy and scared at the same time. After few months they told us: you can now enter the USA. So we traveled to the US in an airplane and it took us about 35 hours to get to Arizona. I am a lucky person that came I to the USA, but there are many people that are dying and nobody is helping them.